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New Led Zeppelin store now online.

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Cool! You got t-shirts for both men and women. I noticed the "womens" t-shirts appear to have a thinner cut

around the mid section. This kind of rules out the heavier female sector of the market for these shirts....no?

My fat girlfriend is bitching about it right now, I think we have a problem here.

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Some very nice stuff there although I'm not convinced that the 1971 Japanese Tour T shirt (mens) is based on an original poster given the Swan Song logo and Houses of the Holy typeface?

Well obviously it's the design for a shirt based on a promo they've just added the rest on, I want this shirt a lot.


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Could use a Zeppelin T-shirt as I only have two. Why, I don't know. One from TSRTS "special Edition" back in 2007 and another from years ago I got in a record store, when the first boxed set was released. Crop circles, in other words. I definitely could use more! :thumbsup:

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