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Jimmy Page's philosophy on True Will in 1977


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Agree or disagree?

From an interview Jimmy Page did with Chris Salewicz in Gig magazine, in May, 1977:

"I just don't want [his occult interests] rammed down people's throats as though I'm saying it's the be-all and end-all and the only way you'll be able to put things together. I'm not saying that at all. You might go off and study the Gurdjieff system and be equally ??[text cut-off].

"But what I can relate to is [Aleister] Crowley's system of self-liberation. In which repression is the greatest work of sin. It's like being in a job when you want to be doing something else. That's the area where the true will should come forward. And when you've discovered your true will you should just forge ahead like a steam train. If you put all your energies into it there's no doubt you'll succeed. Because that's your true will. It may take a little while to work out what that is, but when you discover it, it's all there.

"You know, when you realize what it is you're supposed to be here for. I mean, everyone's got a talent for something. Not necessarily artistic but whatever you care to say. And it's just a process of self-liberation. I mean, I just find his writings to be twentieth century. As a lot of the others weren't.

"And there's really nothing more to say than that. I find him quite a curious, highly enigmatic character. Consequently I enjoy my researches into him. But it doesn't want to be blown out of all proportion, though, because that would be. silly, you know. I'm just another artist, too."

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i've always felt that jimmy's interest in crowley and all that kind of stuff had been blown out of proportion. it is nice to hear him say that it is just a part of his life, not his entire life!

i wish we could all be in a position to " follow our true will ' , but it's not always that easy for every day people to do that.

when you have no money worries it's easy to say " follow your dream" ......

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