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The Location of Physycal Graffitis Front Cover

BlackDog Gwynedd

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:o I just realised i cut out an article from the 1970s Rolling Stone magazine telling everyone where Led Zep got the inspiration for their Physical Graffiti album.

well here goes !!

The Building or rather the pair of buildings is located on the south side of St Marks Place, in Manhattan New York between Avenue A and First avenue aproximately two thirds of the way up the block.

The Rolling Stones also chose the same site possibly unknowingly to record their video for their song

Waiting for a Friend.

In the video Mick Jagger can be seen standing in the right hand doorway to the flats.

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THankyou so much for that information,ive always wanted to know where that derelict building on album 1v is located.

That's easy enough. The tenament buildings on the back were near Dudley, not far from Robert's home in the Midlands. Sadly, they were all demolished a few years ago.

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