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Rival Sons


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For any Zep/Guitar fan, I don't know how this could escape your radar (unless it's because I'm and incessant douche)..... this is just the guitar highlights..... skip around if you think you've got him figured out.... so many flavors.... from 6:00 'til 9:00 it's so Stairway! Live they are devastating on sooo many levels....

PS There's a possibility that RS and Big Wreck could tour together... RS are a fans.

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Saw them live this past Tuesday, at Mercury Lounge here in NYC...it was great! Tiny venue; got some sweat/spit from Buchanan...they sold out Gramercy Theater the next night.

Rock and blues should be heard in clubs imo. Too bad they don't make a lot of money on those dates though.

btw jtm I think Buchanan is hot and I'm a girl, so there.

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Just want to give another shout-out for this band before I get banned from this forum like so many others. I bought the new album, and also the previous one. They are so much fun to listen to! Jay Buchanan is the best singer from the past 20 years! I think maybe why some people compare them to Zeppelin is the diversity of their tunes, which comes across especially if you listen to more than one of their albums.

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Because I'm sick as a dog and have nothing better to do, I've decided to write an annotated guide to Rival Sons' music for Led Zep fans. Here are the songs I think Zep fans would enjoy the most:

1. "Secret" Buchanan sounds like Plant.

2. "Nava" Bron-yr-Aur-ish instrumental. In all honesty I like it better than Bron-yr-Aur.

3."Pressure and Time" hard rock tune, reminds me a bit of Rock and Roll and Out on the Tiles.

4. "Gypsy Heart" another great hard rockin' tune.

5. "Flames of Lanka" interesting effects, vaguely Eastern feel, hard to describe.

Black Sabbath fans would especially enjoy "Open my Eyes"; strong riff.

Animals Fans would enjoy "Young Love;" Buchanan sounds like Eric Burdon. I did not think it was possible for anyone to sound like Robert Plant or Eric Burdon and am amazed one singer can do this.

I went to two of their shows this year and they were kick-ass! (actually I hate that phrase, but I hate "awesome" more).

Here's one of the better Youtube videos I found of the last show I went to, last Friday at Irving Plaza, playing "Tell Me."

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