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The New Orleans Thread

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It's a wonderful, energetic time in the city right now!! You can feel it in the air, between The pre-Superbowl festivities and the Mardi Gras season parades. To top it off I am in the middle of it all, enjoying eveything surrounding these events. Of all the places in the city and metro area, The Ravens are practicing at a facility where i work, (Tulane University) and I will be doing the set -up/break down (electric and sound) for the ESPN show, "Mike and Mike" which is going to be broadcast from McAlister Auditorium (inside Tulane's campus) tonight @ 7:30.


The Craig Ferguson show is doing a live taping in Jackson Square (in the French Quarter) tomorrow night. I will be attending it with my wife. Good times!!!!


RH- I'm so jealous! I'm not a big sports fan but, I think it would be very cool to see the different types of people that the Super Bowl will be bringing in! Have fun & enjoy!

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I'm standing at the corner of Royal and Orleans, down the street from my hotel (in the brown shirt).

Other pics: Jazz band near the park, my hotel (Bourbon Orleans), street scene, a wedding party with a parade/jazz band--what a great idea!





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I didn't know we had a New Orleans thread!!! No, I was not at this concert, but attended others at the Warehouse. Great place and I'm so sorry it's gone. There was another place in the Quarter that we used to love to go to. Debs, I'm sure you remember it - the Ivanhoe. It was a typical hole in the wall joint in the Quarter, but OMG, the music you could hear was incredible. Any rock entertainer who happened to be in town always stopped by the Ivanhoe. One night I was there with my BF, and who comes strolling out on stage - BB King. A few minutes later, here comes Jeff Beck. The people at the Ivanhoe that night got to hear BB and Jeff jam - for free!! Another time, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Greg Allman were there and put on quite a show. Just off the cuff jamming. Wonderful. The Ivanhoe is gone now, like so many other great places. As you said Debs, New Orleans is no longer New Orleans - not the real magical place we grew up in and loved so much. Katrina ruined the city and it will never be the same. It breaks my heart and causes great anguish at times. To lose such

a magnificent city is a true tragedy.

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Robert Plant will be performing once again at The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival (Jazz Fest) this year. April 26th, 2014.

The line-up this year includes an extraordinary list of players, including Eric Clapton, Santana, etc.

This will be Robert's third appearance since 2007.

Can't wait! (schedule and tickets below)


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