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North Korean Leader Kim Jong Il is dead


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One can only hope that since his number four son was educated in the West he brings much needed reforms to the country, unfortunately absolute power corrupts absolutely. I am not confident positive change will come anytime soon...I hope we are all pleasantly surprised.

Now back to trying to find the short in my GFCI circuit for my exterior outlet. The Christmas lights are out and the wife wants results. Time to call an electrician before I burn down the damn house :o

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Joe McCarthy is applauding from the grave.

Joy to the world

Kim Jong is dead

He's dead, he's dead he's DEAD

The world's a better place

Without his ugly face

May he rot and burn in hell

May he rot and burn in hell

Mat he rot, rot, rot rot-rot-rot

And burn in hell

No tears here for that bastard.


These are truly amazing times to see these murderous bastards dropping one by one.

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About fucking time! (Kim Jong's death, not the missile to Led Tiki)

Is it wrong that the first thing that came to mind when I heard of his death was "Team America"? :lol:

Actually, no.

Turns out Team America was one of the top trending topics on Twitter this morning.

When I Googled the news about his death this morning, the still from Team America was the first picture to come up, lulz.

Too soon?

I think not.


And one I created myself...


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