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How does every Zep fan feel about new copy cat bands,zepparella,lezeppelin?ect...

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I have heard a lot of so called great tribute bands and they all blow big time, they don't capture the live sound of led Zeppelin which is not an easy task and on top of that the feel and the sound is just not there. I'm also very much for original music but I have no problem with good tribute bands, if it's good it's good nothing wrong with that

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No band will ever match the magic that Zeppelin had in their day. I am just sorry I never got to see that magic live. I can only read about other's experiences and watch the videos.

A good tribute band can give the feeling to a new generation of fans and keep the music in that timeless loop and to seek out the original

. I have seen Led Zepagain a couple of times and really enjoyed it. But make no mistake, I know I was seeing a tribute band.

You will find that there are people here that are on both sides of the fence when it comes to this. And that is ok. As always, its a matter of taste and opinion.

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