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Led Zeppelin Vintage Acoustic Session

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Hey guys , new here , hope i don't break any rules! Anyways i'd have a tab request , and I don't usually do this . I grew up with Zeppelin in this weird generation. My room has always had like hundreds of vinyls and two very very old guitars , kinda like shovels with strings but hey, I'm grateful for them. Recently ,after my grandfather passed away , we went by his home. Whilst wandering aimlessly in the attic i stumbled upon a dusty box where I found this really old bootleg/recording whatever it is of Led Zeppelin Bombay sessions. Needless to say I immediately came home and I wasn't really amazed , just the usual rare recordings of Friends and Four Sticks, until i heard the last track, some acoustic demo from jimmy. I can't really explain how much this spoke to me. The piece is a side of Jimmy I have never heard, and it's just so atmospheric and transcendental... amazing stuff.

Anyways... this is the song :

. I can play almost every Zeppelin song , but I just can't get close to learn this. If there's any guitar zeppelin fanatic,master,sensei, demi-god who is willing to upload a video on how he plays it or even a tab, i'd be really,really grateful . Hopefully requests are permitted.

Good day to you guys.

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