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Immigrant Song, Iceland tour?


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This is quite alike to immigrant song, even the famous beginning wail of plant is present in the form of a horn.. (later on in the song).

Immigrant song was written while they were touring iceland-england (bath)-germany (june-july) and released as a single in november. The above song is by a german band, and was also released in 1970.

Zep has often been in the crosshairs for "borrowing" ideas, but I think this time it's the other way around..

I can't find exactly when this german band released their debut, but I know that zep played Immigrant Song at Bath festival, just 6 days after they left Reykjavik, Iceland. Which was the main inspiration according to Plant. After Bath they went to Germany, where they played four more dates. So it isn't too far-fetched to conclude this german band "lucifer's friend" saw LZ and heard them play Immigrant Song live.

Thoughts on this?

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Hi there,

I was curious myself and found this info on allmusic.com; here is the link:

http://allmusic.com/...s-friend-r43683. It appears that the LF album was recorded in

November, 1970 (released 1973). So Zeppelin III appears to house the original Immigrant Song.

"Flee from me Keepers of the Gloom......"

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