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Crank - A Night in the Cave (Zep Jnr)


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Not much is know about this band other than what I've quoted below. Who the musicians were seems to be a complete mystery. All I know is they sounded bloody amazing!

Uploaded by http://aftersabbath.blogspot.com the blog for 60s-70s heavy obscurities.

It's the b-side of a split LP, featuring the bands 'Thump Theater' and 'Crank'. It's not clear when it was recorded (69-71 approx) or what became of the bands.

Here's a description I have found on a few mail-order sites:

"Heavy-rock with progressive touch, split lp unearthed by the rockadelic label featuring ultra-rare underground 70s hard rock sounds (c. 1971) with one side by each band. these tapes came from the cavern sound studios (stoned circus, bulbous creation, phantasia, trizo 50); the crank tape had 'zep jr.' written on the box, which is pretty accurate frame of reference. Thump Theater offers a more progressive rock sound with some good guitar breaks and catchy lyrics. last copies from a long gone edition from 1997 of around 600 copies."

As for Crank's music, it's consistently heavy, tightly played energetic hard rock, packed with sharp riffs. Owing a debt to Led Zep no doubt, but with it's own brand of aggression it stands on it's own merit as the sound of a young and extremely talented band that could have gone on to greater success. The final track regresses slightly to a blues-rock standard, but this is eminently forgivable, acknowledging the influences this music emerged from. This really deserves to be on here, so ENJOY!

There are 5 songs by Crank on the split LP mentioned. They are all good, but I consider these 3 the best of the bunch.



You can download all 5 songs here: http://aftersabbath.blogspot.com/2010/09/crank-night-in-cave.html

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