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g-g-got a monkey on my back


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omg I feel like a full on groupie man--I gotta get outta here and back to reality--just the thought of seein em' well "it's really got me"

I just love you guys--your words-your music you've been called the worlds band because ya move us-black, white, brown, red and yellow---(no offense to anyone)

heart--mind--and soul. I wanna thank you!! You've been with me for good times and helped me through some bad ones, even taught me some life lessons(its na na na na nobodys fault but mine) hah

Well hats off to ya- :D smile its easy to do!!!

I'll just keep a rollin along with the grace of the lord above!

PS: I love that ya have jason--anybody else just wouldn't seem right--besides -- he's been preparin all these years!! lol

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