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NBA season Shorter than usual but its here


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Miami is lazy! I am glad Boston beat them, don't think they'll take the series though.

Hey, if OKC can go on the road and take game 5 in San Antone, why not also the Celtics in Miami?

The Thunder has ARRIVED.

Basically, the Western Conference part of the playoffs has been about whether OKC was ready to assume the mantle of greatness expected of them, or if they would buckle under the expectations and wilt in the face of the more experienced and stoic Spurs. The Lakers part in this saga was to see if they could get past their bickering fractured egos and unite for one last run at glory. Obviously, they failed.

Nope, it is now clear that the torched hasn't merely been passed, it's been grabbed from the Lakers and Spurs by this young, exuberant Thunder team.

No matter which team makes it from the East, Boston or Miami, I am cheering for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

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Steven A Smith of ESPN, who I love to listen to thinks the Heat are done. The difference is, Boston is a team, Miami is a team with a couple of stars with no identity. Tough to argue that. I just think they will find a way tomorrow. So if I were to bet the game, I will go down with the Heat who should come out guns a blazin.

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OKC in the Finals....they'll be exciting to watch on the big stage!

Yes they will Walter! The Thunder are a welcome breath of FRESH AIR to the NBA...and not just because everyone was tired of the usual Lakers-Spurs-Mavericks power axis in the West.

I don't know about you, but the whole hip-hop-gangsta-thug-life-bling-bling look that most NBA players wore was played out almost as soon as it happened. Plus, it was a detrimental message to send to kids in the long run. I firmly believe that at least half the black males that have been shot and killed by cops over the last 20 years would probably still be alive if they weren't wearing the usual baggy attire of the typical young black male. This story was all too common: cops approach black suspect, suspect takes off, suspect's droopy drawers start to fall down, suspect reaches hand to waistband to hold pants up while running from the police, police think he's reaching for a gun and shoot him.

Of course, on the other end of the fashion spectrum, we had the boring Tim Duncan and his old man golf shirts. YAWN.

But finally, with the arrival of Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant and the young OKC Thunder, we finally have a little fashion flair in the NBA. Of course, kids in Echo Park, Silver Lake and other environs of L.A. have been dressing in "Geek Chic" for over 10 years now, so the NBA is a bit late to the trend. But better late than never, and it is such a welcome change from both the usual hip-hop crap and the drab corporate suit look. I love watching the post-game press conferences to see what Russell and Kevin will break out next.

Yes, I know other teams have players that have adopted this look...Dywane Wade and Lebron James are two that have started wearing "geek chic", but they don't do it with the flair that the Thunder kids do. You get the feeling that Lebron still wants to assert his hip-hop street cred, so he holds back some on the "geek chic" look...he doesn't wear it proudly and wholeheartedly like the others do.


As for the East, being a Laker fan, I loathe the Boston Celtics...but I detest the Miami Heat even more. So I can't believe I am about to say this...get ready KB...GO CELTICS! GO GANG GREEN! CRUSH THE HEAT!

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I got a bad feeling about tonight. The Heat are going down. Another year & no ring for King James. Oh well...


Really? I'm having a tough time reading the tea leaves for tonight's game. SURE, Boston should be looking good at home tonight...but you've got to think Miami's pride is going to kick in at some point. Also, I think Bosh will play a lot more minutes tonight than he did in game 5.

I expect the Boston faithful to be in a frenzy tonight...possibly at 80s games vs. Lakers-level...which could affect Miami's strangely fragile psyche. Whatever, this game and this series is a referendum on Coach Spoelstra's future.

It's weird...I almost kind of feel sorry for them, but they put themselves in this position to begin with.

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