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song remains the same 4LP 180grm release


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i was given this as a a present recently and it's a lovely package. nice outer box, booklet, inner and outer sleeves and the pressing is fantastic sounding. i much prefer the sound of it to the cd overall though that's a subjective preference obviously

what a joy to hear the unreleased tracks; since i've been loving you, heartbreaker, the ocean, misty mountain hop in great quality sound

but i have the same problem as when i first heard the cd. what the f*ck were they thinking releasing the bad edits in D&C, WLL and SIBLY? i'm easy on the other differences to the original; extra reverb and effects etc, even the changes to the no quarter and celebration day solos, but those edits? i find it hard to believe that the three of them and kevin shirley had a listen through before release and thought they were good enough to sanction.

i know it's been said before and i'm not raising the subject again to stir things up, but getting my hands and ears on such a lovely version of it only highlights it's flaws more.

it's a beautiful version of a flawed vision

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have kevin shirley or page ever been quizzed on this subject?

i'm really struggling to think of live albums by any other major artist that include such dodgy editing. i know many that have been messed around with in the studio but none that have been put out with such nasty jumpy edits

i'm having an emperor's new clothes moment

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