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  1. 1. Worst song on ITTOD?

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I don't think there is a "bad" song on the whole album, but if I had to pick a least favorite it would be South Bound Saurez...

I agree. It's not even a bad song, I could name of worse of their's, but in the context of the album & their catalogue it's one of their weaker songs & the weakest on the album (I write this I eat a delicious hot dog... nothing wrong with an enjoyable hot dog as ITTOD has proved to me).

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Everything except South Bound Saurez

It really pains me but i have to agree!

Carouselambra is 10 minutes of pure aural torture! Sounds like an Emerson Lake and Palmer leftover!

Fool in the Rain is destroyed by that pointless rumba section

Hot Dog is a throwaway joke

I'm Gonna Crawl sounds like it is gonna topple over under it's own weight

All My Love is ruined by that annoying trumpet synth solo in the middle

As for the production I don't know why the guitar is so low in the mix and the keyboards overshadow everything. Even the vocals sound hard to decipher.

When I heard Ozone Baby, Darlene and Wearing and Tearing off Coda 3 years later with the guitar cranked right up and keyboards at a minimum i was puzzled! Why were they left off the album when they sounded so much better? Anyone know?

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