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Me with a friend of mine I ran met in Memphis 7/08


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In the lobby of the Peabody Hotel where Elvis went to his prom in June of '53. Note the Elvis shirt. Here's the full story:

To make a long story fairly short, I met Robert twice on Tuesday(7/8/08). It was our family summer trip(I’m from NY)to Savannah, GA then to Orlando and finally Memphis. Anyway, I knew he was playing that night(the 8th)in Memphis so if I was going to take a shot at meeting him it would be at the Peabody Hotel. It’s a famous hotel in downtown Memphis. It’s the 5 star place and has a quirk in which ducks walk down a red carpet into an elevator everyday @ 11AM. Also, Lansky clothing is there and he was pretty much Elvis’ clothier from ’56 to his death(he’s still there working complete with tape measure around his neck!). Anyway, after my kids and wife watched the ducks, I look over and Robert is right there. Man does he look like a rock star. He was wearing a brown Doors’ Morrison Hotel shirt and with a lovely lady. I walk over and shake his hand and ask for a picture. He says fine but make it quick. My wife gets lost in the post duck watching crowd as she tries to get the camera ready and he bails after a minute or so into the elevator. Pure devastation at this point. We walk around Memphis for an hour or so and go back to the Peabody to escape the heat. My 11 year old daughter points into a gift shop and there he is buying gum and a magazine, the rings and bracelets dangling that I had seen many times during midnight movie showings of “The Song Remains The Same”. I walk up again and my wife comes through this time with the pic. I explained to my two daughters(9+11)that besides Elvis, that man is the most important and influential rock singer of the past 40 years.



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