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Famous people you hate


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Deb, first off thanks for your comment. Second, I really dont have a problem with Jahfin, other than his comment rubbed me the wrong way due to the hypocritical nature of it. There are only a few I will stand behind 100% here...you are certainly one of them! Third, Rick didn't admit it was him reincarnate until I called him out a few times in the NFL thread. I really enjoy chatting with the majority here, but I still don't get these idiots who keep reappearing under different names with the same BS attitude! They are OUR famous that I hate! Carry on....

Now wait just a minute there Mr. I never denied who I was and was given permission to come back. Do you know anyone else here that puts his real birthday and gender, my home city of Rochester and my Buffalo Sabres logo up? So you are wrong to insinuate I ever tried to hide my identity. I do not wish to be here if I have to hide who I am.

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I think it's okay to say mean-spirited things if you do it in an obviously humourous way. That's what I generally try to do. Of course, some people will still take it the wrong way, because they don't have a very sophisticated sense of humour.

I always try to find something of beauty in everyone, although there are definitely a few people here who deserve a good slap.

Your "sophisiticated" humor is more like purpose driven - petty non-sense (see Koala bears for a recent example) -which half the world calls em'- Major Douche, you've layed down so many remarks here without a reason (other than to annoy or "take a piss" ) that I've lost count and interest. Without being face to face-it's hard to get that kinda "humor" from you (thanks for admitting it for once) although, the part that's correct is "mean spirited" - you can leave the humor part out, cause thats the part thats bullshit more times than not. Nobody here is as stupid as you think they may be, and I myself know when a post of yours is just harmless sarcastic humor, or an intent to take a jab-theres a big difference between the two. I'd like to think that you wouldn't say half the things to members on here if you were face to face with the person, and if you would still-then you'd just get your head knocked off (a few times).

I'm glad someone else (or maybe a few) set you straight with your ITTOD posts/thread- I thought that was quite a laugh too.

You enjoy the controversial side of the board, opposed to just posting things that are helpful to the threads. You like the attention, the excitement it brings and the respones members post to keep your bullshit going......It's no secret. But the boards welcome all kinds. In due time, you may slip up one day and join your buddy TIKI (who you got along so well with ). Choosing him as a "running mate" for top troll says alot about you-as anyone with smarts knew what a piece of work he was (not in a good way). I'm sure you miss him (since you mentioned him in your DINNER post-knowing you'd get a few responses) and may even shed a few tears at night, cause your sandbox is growing thin with playmates. But, no worries-you still have a few left.

I thought the friendly PM I sent you a while ago, to try and help/assist you with something was a good gesture (one to possibly even eliminate any further unwanted re-marks from you).

So go ahead and post your predicable response in typical MD fashion as you sit on your gold plated computer throne - I'm sure it'll be another "spirited" reply.......

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Such as?

Just a few (recent) tasteless examples.............

Your post in the "Talked to Audrey Hamilton today" thread was deleted......

How about wrongly accusing/posting that DEB got your playmate TIKI "banned for no reason"....ring a bell?

Or how about the post -quickly removed by the ADMIN -"See Rock Historians Cock", in the Make me Laugh thread ....also ring a bell? (yeah, that shows alot of class)

Side note: when the ADMIN has to remove a handful of your post, it doesn't say much for/about you........

Stairway, I read somewhere on the "how old are these Zep fans" thread that you were 16....? Is that correct? I didn't want to ask, but if it is true-it would explain everything. Wheather it is the truth or not-I could care less, but it does reveal your mentality-regardless if the age is accurate-so thanks for sharing that .......it speaks volumes

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