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Nada Surf


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Nada Surf performs live on KEXP from The Triple Door. Recorded 2/2/2012. More info



Clear Eye Clouded Mind

Waiting For Something

Whose Authority


Jules And Jim

The Future

When I Was Young

See These Bones

Always Love

Looking Through

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I like Lucky but don't find myself revisiting it as much as The Weight Is A Gift (my favorite of theirs) or Let Go. I should probably give their next to most recent album, If I Had A Hi-Fi, another chance especially since I haven't listened to it in a while. I remember when "Popular" was all over the MTV but I honestly didn't pay them much attention back then. It was until a friend started talking them up circa The Weight Is A Gift that I really sat up and took notice. I think it was hearing "Concrete Bed" on XM's XMU channel that really cinched it for me. I still need to go back and catch up on their albums pre-Let Go.

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Ever heard of Better than Ezra? Might have been at the time I purchased High/Low that I also got Deluxe. I haven't heard their songs in a while but at the time Ezra and Nada Surf sounded very similar. On Deluxe they had a song called "Good".

So here we are in 2012 and Nada Surf have a new album while Better than Ezra has become a rather obscure and unknown band from the nineties.

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