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Dressing like Jimmy

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This may be a peculiar question but I have always enjoyed Jimmy's choice in clothing no matter if it would be sweater vests, flower shirts, suites, scarves, etc. Does anyone know any specific websites that would have any clothing similar to what Jimmy would casually wear or anything similar to the following outfits? Thanks.





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Just type in "mens sweater vest" or "mens flowered shirt" under Vintage. Of course, if you are looking for exact replicas, this site can't help you. But I think you just want the feel for his style, not to be his twinsy, right?

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Try monstervintage.com I mostly just dig around in every thrift store I can find.

Thanks for the heads-up on that shop. I don't know where OP is going to go, but I always need more vintage shops to add to the collection! B)

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I've been wantin' that argyle sweater vest since l saw them play MSG in1970. As far as being his "twinsy", up until he started wearing those dragon suits, I tried to get everything l saw him wearing. That's what young men did back then. How could you go wrong dressing like Jimmy Page ?

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Here's a lady that can make his Zoso half-sweater. Scroll down the main page and you'll see it. I emailed her and the cost is $245. Fortunately, my brother-in-law knits and is going to make it for me. He says he can do a better job. I'll post pics when it's complete.


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I'm fascinated by his early zep/yardbirds look and would be amazed if someone could pull that off today. The later zeppelin stuff is majestic but really only suitable for, well, rockstars in concert.



The beard seemed to suit him particularly well


He seemed to like scarves in casual settings


And then his older look (2014) https://i.ytimg.com/vi/WeS3iJhfgps/hqdefault.jpg


Don't think I can assign quite assign a good description to his sense of fashion, but here goes. It's hippie and flamboyant like typical guitarists at the time with influence from the romantic era and a touch of victorian austerity. Yep, I don't know what i'm talking about. But whatever it is, he does it extremely well. Not sure if it would fly so well today as it did in the 70's, considering it was pretty eccentric even for then. There would be no point in even trying it unless you can pull it off as well as he did - his looks complement his 'image' disturbingly well. Like, I can't see bonham doing that seriously even being in the same band. Plus, as much as I hate to say it, he could dress how he wanted because he was a 'rockstar' and a darn respectable one at that.

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