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Best Led Zeppelin riff ever?

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10. Kashmir - Nothing has ever sounded like it and probably never will.

9. Communication Breakdown - Really the first of the zep riffs people heard and set the stage for riffs to come.

8. NFBM - Good riff with the combination of Plant singing the riff is quite hypnotizing.

7. Dancing Days - I love the eastern sound

6. The Ocean - Favorite part of this riff is that it has three parts but you dont get lost in the mess

5. The Rover - Good attitude riff. When I play it I can't help but get that Jimmy snarl on my face.

4. The Girl I Love - Good riff with great guitar tone to back it up.

3. Black Dog- Needs no description. I believe I read somewhere where this is Dave Grohls favorite riff.

2. Heartbreaker- I find myself humming this riff all day. I love the false start at one of the Earls Court date.

1. Whole Lotta Love- To me there is no question. Never in music has four notes shown as much emotion as in Whole Lotta Love.

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There really isn't a wrong answer when it comes to Zeppelin riffs. Even a sort of toss away song by Zeppelin standards like "Houses Of The Holy", other bands would kill for that riff but with Page it's almost like "Oh here's one that's not too clever but you may like it" & it just grooves. Actually that one is the closest I think Zeppelin ever got to a T Rex sort of vibe which makes sense as Marc Bolan was all the rage in England when that song was recorded & Bolan had some killer groove oriented riffs himself.

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As great a riff as Whole Lotta Love has, arguably there are SEVERAL more Jimmy Page riffs that are just as good if not better. These would include:

Black Dog

The Ocean

Bring It On Home

The Rover

Houses of The Holy


Ramble On (Maybe not thought of as a riff song because the main riff is acoustic, but it's still a great riff in my book)

Good Times, Bad Times (The riff during the second verse, very underrated because it wasn't the main riff)

Communication Breakdown

The Girl I Love She Got Long Black Wavy Hair

How Many More Times

Dazed and Confused

And probably a few more you can think of beyond that. As good as guys like Iommi and Richards were at coming up with great riffs, Jimmy Page has to be the undisputed riff master because he came up with over a dozen riffs that would be the best riff of almost any other rock guitarist's career.

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