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One Zeppelin track you can't get enough of...

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Well, there's at least 20 or 30 that I never tire of...put if you put a gun to my head and force me to pick just one:

"Royal Orleans"

For the following reasons...

1. It's rhythmically exciting...funky, interesting, reminiscent of The Meters. Which is only apropos for a song with Orleans in the title. Bonham's playing is crisp, yet still loose in a slinky way.

2. Page's playing is funky as well...and he doesn't overplay; the solo is clear and concise, with a nice tone. The main riff is funky enough, but later when Jimmy adds the accents, it multiplies the fun-factor of the song.

3. FUN...this song is fun and illustrates the humour of the band, being based on a humourous incident that happened in New Orleans.

4. It is on Led Zeppelin's most underrated and lowest-selling album and never played on the radio, so it has never been overexposed.

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C'mon... you cannot choose. I live - breath - and die with Zeppelin tracks ringing in your ears. I want it all, and I want it NOW .. (( oh. ! that's Queen isn't it!? ) . ...... but if you push me......mmm .... (well at the moment anyway) Communication Breakdown. ... but it WILL be another track in the next moment. (Name me a bad one... there isn't one as far as I'm concerned.)

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Better do my full list:

Ramble On

Houses of The Holy

Nobody's Fault But Mine


How Many More Times

White Summer

Custard Pie

Your Time Is Gonna Come

Communication Breakdown

Bring It On Home

Hots On For Nowhere

Not one, but I can't help it.

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