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One Zeppelin track you can't get enough of...

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For me, it's Achilles Last Stand... the fella's are in top form here, Bonham's thunderous drums, Page's piercing melodies, JPJ's solid bass and of course, Plant's mesmerising vocals !!

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i dunno... there are ten million Zeppelin songs I never get tired of... the main ones are In My Time of Dying, Immigrant Song, Bron-Y-Aur Stomp, and Kashmir (depends on my mood). Maybe add The Crunge just for JPJ's bass...

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I can never get enough of Thank You. My reasons why: Zep made the song sound sooooo different from day to day if I get tired of Blueberry Hill 70' then Southampton 73'. I would say Zep changed the tune more than any other song from studio to live then date to date, if you disagree listen to the acoustic studio then BCC Sessions and then the MSG 73' lol though WLL and HMMT and DAC changed from 5-8 to 30-40 minutes but they had 5 other songs added but the songs themselves were similar. But as far as a song I never get tired of just studio is WLL or The Lemon Song (Zep never performed WLL as well live as the original IMO, and only heard maybe 1 version of The Lemon Song live which was great but terrible quality, gotta hear Jonesy of course!!

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