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Unworn Page costume.

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March, 2009

The Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) has a display of rock costumes - a Mick Jagger one from 1972, and a Jimmy Page one from 1975.


The costume description says:

"ancient Hebrew and Egyptian symbols reflects his

personal interest in esoteric religions and mysticism".

The satin suit has long arms and it's tall for a child, though, so they are using a child mannequin to display it.

It does not appear to be finished. The lotus design on the front is nice. The back appears to have a sketched out eye-in-a-pyramid ["All-seeing Eye"] and the basic beginnings of the "Stele of Revealing":


at the bottom looks like part of unfinished Tetragrammaton - just the letter ת - Ḥet or H̱et (also spelled Khet, Het, or Heth) is the reconstructed name of the 8th letter of Semitic (incl. Hebrew) alphabeths.



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