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Just woke up and turned on the news and I'm hit with this bummer of bad news...Don Cornelius is dead!


For those that don't know, Don Cornelius was the ultra-cool and ultra-smooth host of THE BEST DANCE SHOW ON TV EVER: "SOUL TRAIN"!!!

Especially for a white kid like me that grew up in a region and culture that was only 6% black, Soul Train was a window to Black music and culture that I would have hard time getting exposed to otherwise.

I probably never would have gone to Wattstax if it wasn't for Soul Train stoking the desire in the first place. The Spinners, Isaac Hayes, Curtis Mayfield, the Ohio Players...all these and more I heard about first before my fellow white-bread suburbanites, thanks mostly to Soul Train.

And everybody who watched the show back then remembers the famous Soul Train Line! Yes, Dick Clark's American Bandstand had its moments and its historical value, but by the 70s, AB was mostly bland, boring acts(save for an occasional wonder like PIL's appearance).

Nope, in the 70s, Soul Train was where it was at baby...and Don Cornelius reigned supreme.

Such sad news...RIP Don Cornelius.

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That's too bad. I was living in (west) Germany in the 70's and remember this show very well. My mother and her husband at the time hated it, so I had to sneak it in when I could, which was tough at that time because American television was limited.

I thought they were so cool.



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Crazy as it sounds, but I watched "Soul Train" because it came on just before wrestling on Sunday mid-morning/afternoon where I grew up! I really grew to enjoy it, even though I was less than 10.


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