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Birmingham 1977 Photos

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Very cool. Thank you for sharing. Did Page have a costume change or is that just the lighting that makes it look dark in the 5th photo?

I believe it's the lighting, MissMelanie. The lighting also nixed me getting a decent shot of Robert thrusting his tambourine skyward during Stairway. As you can tell, I had wedged myself pretty close to the stage at this point.
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Nice to see pictures from this concert. If I had been around back then I would have gone to it since I live about 100 miles north of Birmingham. I got one of those '77 tour shirts a few years ago and wore it to class one day knowing my computer science professor liked Zeppelin. He told me my shirt was cool and then I said I wished I could have seen them in Birmingham in '77. He then told me he went to that concert when he was 15. I already knew my professor was cool but that confirmed it. :thumbsup:

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....Jabe, thank you ever so much for sharing your beautiful memories....being so close to The most sought after Stage of the 70's, I can only say how luck you were...

The beautiful 70's shiny hair...Your photos have captured incredible culture surrounding Led Zeppelin, as this is how I, or anyone, remembers the atomsphere to be of that incredible era...

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Here are a couple more from Birmingham. Far from decent photos. Actually pretty crappy, but I'm putting out what I took that memorable night. They are what they are.

John Paul Jones introduced his triple neck on this night. (Plant refered to it as JPJ 'secret weapon')

I'm guessing the first shot is 'Ten Years Gone'.





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