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How Hackett ligged into Led Zep reunion show


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Ex-Genesis star Steve reveals he pretended to be Yes bassist Chris Squire’s roadie to get backstage for landmark 2007 concert

Former Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett has revealed how he ligged his way into the 2007 Led Zeppelin reunion show – by pretending to be Yes bassist Chris Squire’s roadie.

And he admits he feels the need to rehearse more often as he gets older. Hackett is preparing to start work on a second Genesis Revisited album and his collaboration record with Squire will be released in May. He discussed his past and future, and how wife Jo fits into his career, with RND’s Martin Haggarty.


People say that bands create the atmosphere, but I think it’s more the case that the crowd creates the atmosphere and the band feeds off that.

Steve: When I was young my mum and dad took me to this club. It was the first time I saw a band playing live and they were playing Shadows songs. It seemed so loud – although they would only have been small amps at the time – but I remember thinking, “How can they play so loud and yet control it?” They played those songs very well, although no one was really watching them but me.

I was at the Led Zep reunion gig at the O2 and it was incredibly loud. Chris Squire was doing a thing with Keith Emerson there that night and I only got in by being Chris’s roadie. I just picked up his bass and walked in with him. But that gig was so loud. I dare say on stage they were all wearing in-ear monotirs, but the guy mixing out front gave us an idea of what that band were all about. Instant thunder - the volume added to the mythology of the band.


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