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2012 Academy Awards: Oscar Pool Picks


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Billy Crystal was Billy Crystal...some people like him, others think he's lame and tired of his schtick. He did his usual song spoofing all the Best Picture nominees...not as good as some of his earlier ones. But ANYTHING would have been an improvement over the mismatched lack of chemistry of last year's hosts, James Franco and Anne Hathaway.

"Titanic" came out in 1997 and swept the 1998 Oscars. 1996 was the year of "Braveheart".

Of the nominated films you have seen, "The Help" was all right, but you really need to see "Hugo" and "Moneyball". I won't recommend "The Artist" or "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy" to you, as judging from your past posts, I don't think you'd care for these films.

Where's Jack indeed? This is a mystery...for the second year in a row, Jack was not there. Maybe he went to the NBA All-Star game instead? He's a big basketball nut, and it's not like he was nominated or anything.

Wow. No Jack sighting? I do not see him flying to Orlando for an all star game. Only if the Lakers were there in a playoff game. Never misses a Lakers game and I have seen him there plenty this year. With those sun glasses.

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Don't mention "The Sound of Music" to Christopher Plummer; word is he is not fond of that movie.

Ratings were up for this year's telecast over last year, but I'm curious how it all would have played out if hack Brett Ratner HADN'T shot his mouth off on Howard Stern, necessitating his withdrawal as Oscar show director, necessitating Eddie Murphy's withdrawal as Oscar host.

Sacha Baron Cohen's "Dictator" gag with Kim Jong Il's ashes being dumped on that idiot Ryan Suckrest was one of the best parts of the night...along with the Christopher Guest bit about the lameness of focus groups. It featured the usual Christopher Guest repertory group...and any chance to see Fred Willard is a blessing. He's comedy gold!

I've been a part of some focus groups and yes, they are that lame.

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