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How do you listen to Led Zeppelin?


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  1. 1. What media/gadgets are you using to play Zeppelin?

    • Compact disc
    • Vinyl record
    • iPod or similar
    • Web stream (youtube, grooveshark or similar)
    • Audio cassette
    • Home stream (Wi Fi or other)
    • Other

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Well it's always been mainly iPod for me since I have 50+ bootlegs which would take up 100+ CDs. But as far as official material, I always purchase CDs then transfer the music onto my iPod, then listen to it on there but sometimes play the CDs too. I get the CDs just so that I actually get something besides the music plus who can't love the excellent packaging on the remasters?! I've spent A LOT of time looking at the artwork and the little booklet with each remaster and the spin wheel on III and all the windows on Physical Graffiti.. Gonna have a blast a week from today!!!

Anyway, I went into a pawn shop today to browse around and I seen they had a few turntables there, then I looked up in the corner and seen one still in the box so I unopened it and found one that's never been used! Still all packaged up and didn't even have a fingerprint on it! The sticker said $70 but I got it for only $30! Very 1st time I've ever even used a turntable so hooked it up to my stereo and put my copy of Houses Of The Holy printed back in 1975 or so.. The Song Remains The Same NEVER once sounded as good as it did today.. :D my dad has like 200 vinyls from his days, but only HOTH and IV from Zep so I'll have to buy I, II, III, PG, P, ITTOD, C, TSRTS and CB soon!! Unless they release HTWWW on vinyl and BBC Sessions (unless that one already is out?). I'm very glad to see vinyls are coming back in my day! iPods and mp3 players and even CDs are amazingly convient, but there's something about pulling a huge vinyl out of its sleeve and setting it down and moving the needle or stylus over and setting it wherever you want it to be on the album that's just great.. The turntable I got also has a USB port to transfer music from vinyls to a computer! Now it's going to be difficult to pick between CDs and vinyls, but as far as next week I have to complete my wonderful collection with CDs.

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Vinyl is my first choice, then CD only when I don't have it on vinyl ..and DVD's. I also have SiriusXM music through Dish Network and from time to time (not that often) I listen to the Classic Vinyl station. I don't even own an iPod :stereo:

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iPod before I go to sleep and when I'm biking, CD when I'm in the kitchen, and vinyl when I'm in the mood. 

I also enjoy spending a lot of time looking at the original LP artwork and sleeves. I own every studio album except Houses Of The Holy and Coda on vinyl. I also own the soundtrack for The Song Remains The Same on vinyl, which I think is pretty cool!

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The damn TV is on all the time, inside the house. But I have a Phillips bookshelf speaker system that can wheel out to the backyard - and for a little stereo, it sounds fantastic. After I get my fix of Zep, Floyd, and booze - I go back in and wrestle with the dog on the livingroom floor.

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I go running outdoors daily, so iPod + iTunes is a very handy way for me to get my Zep fix. Then I have CD's
because once upon a time Zep wasn't available to 'download' online. Lastly is Youtube for when I'm craving
the visual experience.  Sometimes a girl just needs to see the dragon and the poppies people - HA!  :D 

Vinyl is very cool, but I don't have a device to play them, nor do I own any. My dad and eldest brother
however do. 

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