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Cleveland, OH- Richfield Coliseum - January 24, 1975


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I couldn't find many pics for this show, so if anyone finds any please post them. Robert was still suffering from the flu and Jimmy was still nursing his injured finger but the show is actually very good.


Rock and Roll

Sick Again

Over the Hills and Far Away

In My Time of Dying

The Song Remains the Same

The Rain Song


The Wanton Song

No Quarter

Trampled Underfoot

Moby Dick

How Many More Times

Stairway to Heaven


Whole Lotta Love

Black Dog

Communication Breakdown

Cleveland newspaper clipping.



Stairway to Heaven


Whole Lotta Love going into Black Dog


Very unique perspective of the stage- you can actually see how tall it was in the venue. You can also see the video screen out over the middle of the crowd. I have always thought this show could have been videotaped as I have a complete show of the Who from this same venue and year. But it looks like it isn't showing images on the screen. :(


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