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2012 NFL Thread

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We need a new field goal kicker in Miami ASAP. And the Bengals just scored a TD. The Fins are going to find a way to lose this game, I know it.

What did I tell you? Did I call this game or what? One down and one to go. San Diego. But I also took KC with the points? Must check on that one

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Oh shit. The Packers were up 21-3 at one point, now it's 22-21 Colts. Come on Green Bay!

The fucking Zebras just took a touchdown away from the Bills. Ran the punt back for a TD. Holding call not near the play. Pure shit. We held them to a FG inside the 2.

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Reynolds just decleated Sproiles.

Rick -- this one is not a gimme for SanDiego.

Nothing is a gimme. My bets this week were San Diego flat. San Diego and Miami two teamer. And three teamer, San /Diego, Miami and KC. If SD wins, or covers the +4 I clean up

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