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Looking For a Led Zeppelin The Object Original


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If you want an original authentic thing I can't help. If anything will do sports stores (the ones that sell jersey and such, not sporting goods stores) sell all kinds of display cases for various sports equipment that may fit it to some degree. That's where I would look.

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I have no idea what a "€" is but we should start a petition or something. It looks like enough people like the idea that they could make some $$$ (or €€€) off them.

Great!! I just found out I don't have an Euro sign on my keyboard :( I was going to say that "sign" means euro which is about $1,27 or £0,80 :)

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On 3/23/2012 at 1:25 PM, Plant said:

Looking for an original Led Zeppelin The Object Porcelan statue. Cash paid for the real thing, please contact with pics and info. Please someone help me out.....Thanks


I have an original in box with original packing if you are still interested . 

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