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Has the love for your favorite Zep albums stayed the same or does it shift and evolve?

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For me, one of the timeless and rewarding aspects of Led Zeppelin's music is that your tastes for the albums remain both a constant yet revolving/evolving thing. Here is my summary of where I stand in regards to my love for each album today versus when I first fell in love with it...

LED ZEPPELIN - a little less today than at first

LED ZEPPELIN II - probably my very favorite initially. It remains in my top three today. This album has always been a constant as a favorite.

LED ZEPPELIN III - slightly less today than initially (when it was in my top three at one time).

LED ZEPPELIN IV - this one frequently changes but is slightly less than when I initially fell in love with it. Then again, I've most recently been into this album quite a bit.

HOUSES OF THE HOLY - always a personal and constant favorite for me (much like the second album). Today, it remains tied as my very favorite Zep album along with In Through The Out Door.

PHYSICAL GRAFFITI - this one has gone up for me over time. I merely liked it at first. Now I love the whole double-bursting package, quite literally! The cut-out windows design is up there with In Through The Outdoor as my favorite Zeppelin cover concept and design.

PRESENCE - this one was initially my least favorite but has gone up over time.

IN THROUGH THE OUTDOOR - I liked this one from day one and it has only gone up over time. It is my favorite Zeppelin album. This album seems to have a "fine wine" quality to it. The sound and mood is elegant and I feel it rewards repeated listenings (as do ALL Zep albums actually). While many find this album lackluster, I'm always happy to discover that many find it grows on them with time.

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It's based on my mood. I love them all differently like my children. I don't have favorites. However, I must say that I appreciate Physical Graffiti more than I did before, while I am still ambivalent about Presence and ITTOD.

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Depends. Houses of the Holy I think is my favourite. It was the first one I got, The Ocean hit me like a thunderstorm.

Presence is a little tiny bit lower from Houses Of The Holy, and the others I love all the same.

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Great Topic.

This often runs through my mind. Zeppelin IV stays in my cd player in my car all the time. But more because of its start quality that all passengers can relate to.

As far as my favorite album right now I'm not sure that I could pick one. Physical Graffiti if I had to choose. But I just listened to II, two times the other day and forgot how much I love the Heartbreaker - Living Loving Maid duo.

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While I still respect how LZ II blew my 14 year old mind, soul and body when it came out,

Over time, when I pull an album to listen to, it's usually selections from TSRTS, Presence, and ITTOD that get played now.


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