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2012 Baseball Thread

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You're just pissed that he only stayed in B'more for 1 season....he was no dummy, he saw the beast the yanks were building in the mid to late 70's! ;)

My favorite player growing up!

And my favorite football player was OJ. Now I hate the bastard. You know, I honestly forgot he played for us. And I have been an Orioles fan since 1969

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I wonder if ebk has to work tomorrow? Who here still gets Columbus Day off?

To the poster before, just saw that 840 start. Even if EBK does have to work, I doubt any work will get done. LOL. My wife has off but must drive me to a fun myelogram. They stick a needle the size of a bazooka in my spine and fucking inject me with contrast. Ill have a nice intrveinous coctail first. And pre medicate myself just to make sure. LOL. I am not missing this game for nuttin

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Craig Sager just gave a live update from Baltimore. Says he expects baseball within an hour? EBK, are you somewhere in that mess? How many drinks have you had already? Ha. You may have to hit the ATM the way its raining. Go O;s

Now, what hour that is he is referring to, may be another thing!

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Lousy at bat by Hardy. He should fucking know if Sabathia throws a ball on first pitch he is coming over the next time. Every time like clock work. Swing the fucking bat. Wow, he may go to Patton? Why not Hunter? Down your ass goes A Rod you overpaid piece of shit.

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