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Blimey! I had a semi all the way through this ...

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Zepparella are the best female Zeppelin tribute band - mainly because Gretchen Menn is an extremely able guitarist and handles all of Jimmy's guitar work with apparent ease. They go through a lot of line up changes though... I think they have had two different singers since the video that (TMI) gave you a "semi"

The all female Zep tribute band does seem to be quite crowded, there is also:


Best Zep tribute band (male or female) has to be Mr. Jimmy...

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Mr. Jimmy is quite an amazing tribute band.

In general, though, I've been impressed with the women's tribute bands - in addition to being superb instrumentalists, it's just easier a lot of the time for women to hit those ridiculous notes that Robert could hit when he was in his late teens and early 20s.

One thing I never quite "got" about tribute bands. I mean no offense or disrespect to anyone in a tribute band - I always find it a little contrived and off-putting when the band's performance includes really detailed attempts to mimic Robert's and Jimmy's exact on-stage physical gestures. Robert's were always a little unusual, even when he did them; and Jimmy's developed in the mid-'70s when they were playing huge arenas. To see them done in small and medium-sized venues just feels "off." Does anyone else have thoughts on this?

Finally, a question: with the exception of Dazed and perhaps No Quarter, it seems like most tribute bands perform the songs as close as possible to what's on the records. Why not perform them more like how Zeppelin performed them live?

Again - no disrespect intended. Just curious what others think.

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You raise some good points. From the clips I’ve seen of Mr. Jimmy they do seem to play some of the songs more how Zep played them live & "Jimmy" in Mr. Jimmy has the moves, the look, equipment and sound so perfect that it is quite scary (He even has a Dragon Tele, the real Jimmy doesn't even have one of those anymore:P) you can see he has put a lot of effort in to get a close as he can get - but I agree - in can sometimes feel forced/contrived.

The women don't seem to be trying to copy the moves or look (for obvious reasons) and however you feel about tribute bands in general, it's great to see that people are inspired enough by the music to want to play it; especially the women - as people often associate hard rock / heavy metal as predominantly a male pursuit.

I agree that a lot of Zep tribute bands who just play the studio version night after night aren't really getting the essence of what live Zep were all about...

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