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Fangoria interviews director, Michael Winner (talks about working with Jimmy and JPJ)


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Wolfman, I'm not sure when this Fangoria interview was published, but I'd suggest taking Winner's comments with a good portion of salt. This is not exactly a filmmaker who's risen to the ranks of Bergman, Kubrick, or Scorcese; maybe he can boost the remains of his career by spreading malicious gossip. I've never heard accounts of Page "mainlining" heroin, and no Zeppelin album cover artist died in Page's home. Plus Winner's description of the "two old Jews" in DWIII just sounds ugly. Let him go back to obscurity.




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I'll have to look, but I don't think JPJ has spoken very highly of Mr Winner's film...

If I remember correctly, when I saw him on the Zooma tour, Jones said Scream For Help (the film) was terrible....

Michael Winner has probably caught wind of this and doesn't like him...

He also might have caught Jimmy on a bad day..

Interesting article... I always wondered how involved Jimmy was with DW3.

Turns out not at all....

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I'm not sure that Michael knew John well enough and had prolonged companionship with him to say it.

So, where from could appear his opinion about inside of the band and that 'they all hate him'?

Of course, that's not from Jimmy, it is absolutely not like him, I'm very sure

another of his interview

Michael Winner: "I'd lived next door to Jimmy for many years. It was a very bad time for him - the drummer had died, and he was in a very inactive period. Peter Grant and I made arrangements for Jimmy to do the 'Death Wish II' score, for which he wasn't actually paid, because Grant wanted to restore Jimmy back to creativity. Jimmy rang the doorbell, and I thought if the wind blows he'll fall over. He saw the film, we spotted where the music was to go, and then he said to me, "I'm going to my studio. I don't want you anywhere near me, I'm going to do it all on my own." My editing staff said this is bloody dangerous! Anyway, we gave him the film, we gave him timings, and he did it all on his own. Everything hit the button totally! I've never seen a more professional score in my life."

so, I think that this view / "opinion" had come from a personal chat with Peter Grant, who in the hearts could call John, who stood always separate and independent of the rest, as of intolerable, 'hard manageable', and Michael, I sure, exaggerated this to 'they all hate him'

On the other hand, John himself speaks always poignantly and openly about things that he does not like, or boring, as his opinion on the film, and Michael could hear or read it, so 'arrogant' could came from here, I think

btw, about real movie soundtrack - sounds pretty different from LP

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