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LZ songs just you don't like...

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you shook me

i can't quit you baby

poor tom

i love all the tracks from ITTOD, i love hats off to harper, friends, carouselambra, and i adore Hot Dog and d'yer ma'ker i also love south bound saurez and candy store rock ... i seriously don't get you guys :D

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Dancing Days. My husband will play a few seconds on his guitar and it is then stuck in my head for the rest of the day. I find it very flat, tedious and monotonous.

Oddly, I adore Carouselambra but mainly for the part around 4:00 when Jimmy's guitar comes in. I find it very bittersweet, for want of a better word.

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I find Rock and Roll too "cliche" almost. Also I probably OD'd on it back in the '80s.


  • Living Loving Maid
  • Friends
  • Celebration Day
  • The Wanton Song
  • Hot Dog (naturally)

I don't really listen to the Coda material enough to have an opinion either way. But maybe that's an answer too.

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Hot Dog (naturally)

Naturally? Not everyone dislikes that song. Speaking just for myself, I love it and think it speaks very well of their deep rooted love of early rock n' roll and rockabilly. I wish they had done more songs in the vein. Thankfully we had the Honeydrippers EP and Willie and the Poor Boys years later.

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Hmmm...while there have been a few songs that I considered subpar or that I felt didn't fit the mood of an album("Candy Store Rock" for one...I admire the intent but the execution is a bit flabby; lyrically weak and the end just goes on and on), there is only one song in the entire Led Zeppelin studio canon that has me fast forward or skip ahead: Moby Dick from Led Zeppelin II.

I'm sorry, I have nothing against John Bonham...but while I'll endure a drum solo at a concert, I think drum solos on studio albums are a drag. Moby Dick is a perfect case in point: Bonham performed many excellent and inventive Moby Dicks in concert yet the one committed to vinyl is one of the most lackluster ones he ever played.

"Ozone Baby" is another song that gets on my nerves, but since it's on an album, "Coda", that wouldn't have been released under normal circumstances, I give it a pass.

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What amazes me is that I can still listen to "Rock and Roll". It's been abused by Cadillac and radio for 40 years, but never seems to get old to me. Same with Black Dog. Wish I had a buck for every time I've heard it. I think long-term, John Henry Bonham is responsible for that.

Not a fan of Misty Mountain Hop or the song Houses of the Holy anymore because of abuse. I wasn't fond of Out on the Tiles, because it always sounded like they tossed that one together to me.....The Candy Store Rock of it's era. I can't count anything on Coda. Honestly, it gives me the Zeppelin creeps. Its' release for me at the time was like aged, punch-drunk Ali getting beat by Larry Holmes. It took until the box set came out to put them in their proper mental place.

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"Candy Store Rock" for one...I admire the intent but the execution is a bit flabby; lyrically weak and the end just goes on and on.

Yeah, in iTunes, I end the song a minute early. It's too frivolous.

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To be honest, there are very few Zep songs that, when they begin to play on my iPod, I immediately change. There are many songs I'm not in love with, but that I'll still listen to every once in a while.

Here are a few:

Trampled under foot

The Ocean

The Song Remains the same

Once again, I still enjoy litening to these songs occasionally, an I still enjoy those songs, but not at the same level as songs like; in my time of dying, in the light, Kashmir, no Quarter, ten

years gone etc.

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Hats Off to (Roy) Harper

Out on the Tiles

The Crunge

South Bend Saurez

Royal Orleans

These ones have never really done anything for me. The first two are the only Zeppelin songs I really really dislike.

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Only Walter's walk is a bit shallow for me .... I LOVE carouselambra, HOTRH, Boogie with stu (one of my favorites), Hot Dog (too much fun), CSR (although the mix is a bit muddy for my taste) and i adore You Shook Me,and Poor tom. IMO, you can dislike a song or two from each album, but to say you don't listen to ITTOD or Coda is just not the right thing to say for true Zeppelin Believers.

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