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No In Through the Out Door Material


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I agree about Hot Dog, why so many hate the song is beyond me. That opening riff is simply brilliant and pure rockabilly. It took me a good week to get that damn riff down correctly to sound right. It sounds deceptively simple but its not, the combination of the pull-offs & hammer-on's timed perfectly is quite hard and if one note is slightly off time the whole falls apart and it sounds like a fucking nursery rhyme.

Anyway, I wish they would have played this, it's a quick song and for those who don't know Zeppelin it would be very surprising. Personally I think as a closing number (final encore) they could have done a Hot Dog / Communication Breakdown medley, it would have only added an additional six minutes or so if they stuck to the studio versions.

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I agree about In The Evening. It should've been replacing MMH, IMO. As far as Achilles, I bet that song was too ambitious for Jason to play and maybe even Jimmy at that point. Plus, I think it was Knebby who said it before, they wanted to keep the number of long songs down. They already had No Quarter and Dazed in the set. Who knows on that one, but ITE definitely should've been there - IMO.

The logic on no Achilles was the same logic that applied to no Communication Breakdown or Immigrant Song: Robert did NOT want to perform the "heavy metal" songs in their catalog and vetoed them. Plus, don't think RP could nail communication or immigrant at thsi point, even with a key shift.

What they should have done was shift in instrumental elements of Achilles into the jams in the middle of Dazed and Confused. I say this because 1) it alleviates RP having to sing the song at all 2) it satisfies Jimmy because Achilles is well known to be his favorite zeppelin number.

As for stuff to nix, Misty Mountain Hop and In My Time Of Dying are easy, low hanging fruit. Misty especially, but IMTOD is 10 MINUTES long, they could slot a solid 2 songs in that gap if they're concerned with timing. I'm thinking Over The Hills, maybe In The Evening sneaks in, in an ideal world they start the encore with an acoustic song with just the 3 original members together just once for sentimental purposes. Alas, only so much time

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