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John Paul Jones' Best Bassline

John Paul Jones Best Bassline  

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  1. 1. What's JPJ's Best Bassline?

    • The Lemon Song
    • Ramble On
    • Achilles Last Stand
    • The Song Remains the Same
    • We're Gonna Groove
    • Good Times Bad Times
    • What Is and What Should Never Be
    • Heartbreaker
    • Black Dog
    • The Rover
    • Nobody's Fault But Mine
    • Other (please specify below)

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I tried to pick songs where the bass line doesn't follow the guitar, with the exception of Black Dog of course. I included Black Dog because it is one of JPJ's riffs - thus a candidate for the best bassline.

I chose Ramble On, reason being that the bassline is just so much of the song. It begins the song, and carries it through till the end. It is quite a good riff too.

A very, very close second would be Achilles Last Stand. My favorite bassline, such thundering power

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Maybe Ramble On, maybe The Lemon Song. He is such a solid player it is hard to say, "Yep - that's the best!" Also like his bass work on Four Sticks but you really have to listen to the pre-vocal mix to fully appreciate it.

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I would have to go with 'In My Time Of Dying' especially the DVD Earls Court version. Just blows my mind every time i watch it!!! The way he emphasizes Pagey slide guitar and gives this rockin tune so much punch and power!!!

Close 2nd is 'How Many More Times' and 'The Lemon Song'. Classic Jonesy.....

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First off, pretty much every Zep song has a pretty killer bass part. I'd have to go with Lemon, because you really can't beat it.

Of course, Ramble On is classic, D&C is excellent, and then you've got some others that you wouldn't expect. In My Time of Dying live has some pretty killer bass, the fills keep changing, its crazy. Gallows Pole has some sweet bass going on, too. And Heartbreaker is so simple, but completely genius, especially the slidey parts. Bring it On Home gets crazy after about a minute, and Travelling Riverside Blues has some pretty sweet stuff. Sooo many great basslines, its really hard for me to pick.

OHH, and totally forgot "Hey Hey What Can I Do". It's sooooo sweet. Kinda flies under the radar, cuz it was never released on an album...

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True it's hard to nail down the perfect bassline. Some of his live stuff is quite awesome as well. Realistically all songs need to be considered...probably even the ones where he uses bass pedals. Ive always found that pretty incredible.

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JPJ's best song in my opinion is The Lemon Song. The bass line throughout the middle of the song especially is the smoothest piece of bluesey-rock bass I've ever heard. Truly a signature on a repertoire of great bass writing.

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I Love John Paul Jone's bassline in "Stairway to Heaven". From beginning to end, JPJ is playing the bass with his feet. Same with "Since I've Been Loving You". I don't think there are too many other bassists who can play such "Classic" songs with just foot (bass) pedals.

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