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Rock Band: Led Zeppelin on the way?

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As seen in this CV http://web.me.com/fd...ouzaCV_2012.pdf it looks like Rock Band: Led Zeppelin could be on the way. Thoughts?

Harmonix: Rock Band: Led Zeppelin not in the works

Despite appearing on a recent CV, Rock Band: Led Zeppelin isn’t a game currently in the works, Harmonix has told VG247.


A CV belonging to one Fiona DeSouza has mentioned something called “ROCKBAND: LED ZEPPELIN,” found by Superannuation.

Nothing else is said on the profile besides a fleeting mention of the name.

Harmonix has told VG247 this afternoon that a Zep-based Rock Band title isn’t in the works.

“As we’ve noted before, we’re constantly in talks with all major artists and labels,” it said in a statement.

“That said, Harmonix has never been in development on a Led Zeppelin game, though we’d obviously be thrilled to have them in Rock Band.”

Harmonix has already released two band-flavoured Rock Band titles: Green Day and The Beatles, the latter the more significant of the two due to its importance. A Led Zeppelin game has been high on most-wanted lists from Rock Band fans.

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