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The Beach Boys at the Beacon Theater 5/9/12

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Great show last night. 45 songs in 2 1/2 hours with a 20 minute intermission. No opening act. "Uncle Jessie" John Stamos came out to introduce them and played one song on drums and one of the encores on bongos. They sounded fantastic with tons of energy. Not a lot of jamming (as expected) but they had the older crowd really into it from the start. Brian Wilson was really good but hardly ever moved off the piano (even though he did play one song on guitar I believe). So happy I got to see him live. They also did a tribute to their fallen members during the song "Forever". Their backup band were spot on (esp. the drummer). Good times with the Beach Boys on their 50th Anniversary.


  1. Do It Again Play Video
  2. Catch A Wave Play Video
  3. Hawaii Play Video
  4. Don't Back Down Play Video
  5. Surfin' Safari Play Video
  6. Surfer Girl Play Video
  7. Please Let Me Wonder Play Video
  8. You're So Good to Me Play Video
  9. Wendy Play Video
  10. Then I Kissed Her Play Video
  11. Why Do Fools Fall in Love Play Video
    (Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers cover)
  12. When I Grow Up (to Be a Man) Play Video
  13. Cotton Fields Play Video
    (Lead Belly cover)
  14. Disney Girls Play Video
  15. Be True to Your School Play Video
  16. Don't Worry Baby Play Video
  17. Little Honda Play Video
  18. Little Deuce Coupe Play Video
  19. 409 Play Video
  20. Shut Down Play Video
  21. I Get Around Play Video

  • Second

  1. Add Some Music to Your Day Play Video
  2. California Dreamin' Play Video
  3. Sloop John B Play Video
  4. Wouldn't It Be Nice Play Video
  5. Forever Play Video
  6. Marcella Play Video
  7. Sail On Sailor Play Video
  8. Heroes And Villains Play Video
  9. In My Room Play Video
  10. All This Is That Play Video
  11. This Whole World Play Video
  12. I Just Wasn't Made for These Times Play Video
  13. God Only Knows Play Video
  14. That's Why God Made the Radio Play Video
  15. California Girls Play Video
  16. All Summer Long Play Video
  17. Help Me Rhonda Play Video
  18. Rock and Roll Music Play Video
    (Chuck Berry cover)
  19. Do You Wanna Dance? Play Video
    (Bobby Freeman cover)
  20. Barbara Ann Play Video
    (The Regents cover)
  21. Surfin' USA Play Video

  • Encore:

  1. Kokomo Play Video
  2. Good Vibrations Play Video
  3. Fun Fun Fun Play Video

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