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New Aerosmith song...album coming soon!

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I Love Aerosmith! Maybe my third favorite Band of All-Time (at least my in My top five, for sure). However, as much as I say I Love them, I am really referring to the Aerosmith of the 1970's. I would have to say that Get Your Wings is my favorite Aerosmith record. I defy anyone who also Loves Aerosmith to say that "Seasons of Wither" and "Lord of the Thighs" are not some of the Greatest songs from Aerosmith from the 1970's. There are alot more I could name from that time period, however, I think that these two songs really represent the Aerosmith that I Love. After Jimmy Page, it is a tie for me to name my next favorite guitar player, Joe Fucking Perry or Alex Lifeson. Considering this is a topic about Aerosmith, I have to say it is Joe "Fucking" Perry.


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How odd. I was just listening to some music that a friend has put on a shared drive. About 10 minutes ago "Seasons of Wither" came on and I said to him, Aerosmith used to have some good songs, didn't they?

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I'm kinda on the fence with this new album.

One track I think I'll skip, though, is "We All Fall Down" because it has songwriting credits for Diane Warren.

She fucking ruined Aerosmith once, and I don't doubt she'll do it again.

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