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Jimmy's ugly sweater :)

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What he's wearing underneath the fur coat is a shirt. If I remember correctly the photograph was taken by Zacron, the artist friend of Jimmy's who designed the cover for Led Zeppelin III. I would guess that it was taken in late March 1970. He's wearing that same shirt for instance on stage in Philadelphia on March 31, 1970.

In the band photo, taken in 1975, he's wearing a different shirt, also worn on stage on February 14, 1975, for instance.

The western shirt just happens to be the shirt he is wearing under that sweater for the band picture in 1975.

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It's not so ugly :P I have a similar one from my mother, but it fits worse to me haha... I suppose it was fashionable at the time

I had a couple of sweaters very similar to the one you're wearing. One dark Blue with a black and white pattern. Another that was more of a rainbow of colour. Wrap round belts and all :lol:

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This is turning into the "Jimmy's Outerwear" thread! I love how he always knows exactly what to wear. He's a huge style icon to me, the way he mixes textures of fabrics, solids and prints and accessorises. He's just perfect!

Here's another of that jacket :)


I'm not sure if this is a sweater or what, but I love it!


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Major, MissM, ally, I hope it will be trendy someday again haha, it's very warm but ties you up a bit

I've always loved that kind of long sweater you refer to, april, like an open long jacket. I specially love that one who wears in a Yardbirds' gig, with the telecaster... I'll look for the pic

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haha he does look quite princely doesn't he?

here's my favourite of then:

the "gentle prince" being pampered!


Was looking for my copy of this last night. I love this one too. He does look like a prince(ss). ;)

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I have one of these "ugly sweaters", bought it in Florida, of all places to offer sweaters, around early winter of 1975.

I guess I could have said it was his, who knew? Anyway, ugly but toasty warm...

Maybe he would autograph it, or better yet, maybe he would want one again...

Was about to throw it away, but then I saw him in it on PBS docu and had to hang on to it

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