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John Paul Jones Looked the Best

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well i wasn't able to find a list of equipment on JPJ site,,,but here is at least a partial list from wikipedia:

JPJ Gear

Fretless Fender Precision Bass

1961 Fender Jazz Bass (used in live performances)

1951 Fender Precision Bass

Fender Bass V

Ibanez RD300 Bass

Gibson mandolin, used in live acoustic performances.

Andy Manson custom Triple Neck Mandolin, 12 string & 6 string acoustic (Used in live performances)

Alembic Triple Omega

Alembic Series II

Acoustic 360 Bass Amp

Hammond organs

Hohner Clavinet

Hohner Electra-Piano

Fender Rhodes


Steinway piano

Yamaha CP-80 piano

Symbolic Sound Kyma system

Korg Trinity synthesizer

Yamaha GX-1 synthesizer


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another one from the fantastic gallery of Steve A. Jones

WOW..................what the hay??? this guy is something else.

Just in the small chance his people visit here,

Dear John,

Please come to California on your next tour and please include Sacramento (or Bay Area). There is a perfect place to play in Sacto called the Community Center.

We'd love to see you here!!!!!!!


Madison D.

like i said forget about how they look they have been playing their instuments since they were 10 years old these guys are the beetoven and tachoskys of are era please come to chicago for the summertime

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found this article interesting....Millennium Stadium desperate to attract Led Zep from icwales.co.uk

Dec 16 2007 Wales on Sunday

MILLENNIUM Stadium bosses are desperate to lure reformed rockers Led Zeppelin to the venue if they announce a tour next year.

The band received rave reviews for their performance last week at London’s O2 Arena – the first time they had played together in 19 years.

It has led to speculation and rumours they could be set to take to the road on a money-spinning world tour.

And now WRU Chief Executive Roger Lewis – a personal friend of the group’s bassist John Paul Jones – is intent on making sure they make Wales will be a stop-off on any tour.

He told Wales on Sunday: “We would love to welcome Led Zeppelin and we have already put out a request to Harvey Goldsmith [the band’s promoter].

“We have a good relationship with Harvey who also handles Bruce Springsteen, who is coming to the stadium. Initially Harvey said they were only going to do a one-off gig, but now they are considering a tour.

“The thing is, we are the only stadium in Britain with a retractable roof and we can guarantee a perfect event for 70,000 people.

“There’s nowhere else in the country that can do that.”

Tickets for the 02 gig were made available via a lottery system, costing £125.

The website exceeded its bandwidth allowance and crashed almost immediately following the announcement, with Mr Goldsmith predicting that the gig would cause the “largest demand for one show in history” .

The ticket request site receiving one billion page impressions and one million people registered for fewer than 20,000 available tickets. A Millennium Stadium gig would be a guaranteed instant sell-out.

The band’s guitarist, Jimmy Page, has recently suggested the band may start work on new material.

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I thought Jones was the most impressive of all at the reunion, he really gave it a sense of authenticity.


Yeah, that's what I thought since the first image of the concert!!

JPJ was awesome and really rockin'

On the other hand, Jimmy had a lovely look and he's perfect with his new "white" look

JPJ is a real hammer .... :thumbsup:

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