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More Christmas Zeppelin


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Check it....

...and the original.....

A big thank you to the person who suggested "Over the Hills and Far Away....In a Manger"

You're welcome ;) And thank YOU, this helps put me in the Christmas spirit. You did a lot more with the visual this time. The Physical Graffitti album is especially cute. As is the hermit in the snow. I'll need to play it several times in order to catch everything. Good work.

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That is blasphemous. How could you desecrate a Zeppelin Song Like that?


Could you please explain me your reaction becuase it seems i can't understand it...

This guy does A REAL DAMN GOOD JOB...don't you know what it takes to makes something like that? This guy is a genius in what he does...

Ok you may not accept to do that on zep songs, but indeed it has nothing to do with blasphemy anyway...it's very original and i don't think there are a lot of people on earth that could do such a mix....

Though I prefer the first one...^^

See ya!


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Thank you Artur. Actually, I enjoy all the comments. I know my creation is not going to be for everyone. That's what makes life interesting. Different points of view.

Just to set the record straight: I have the utmost respect for Led Zeppelin. I can understand how someone would think I am tampering with truly great art, but, of course, the originals remain intact, in all their glory. (The Songs remain the same.)

But, even Led Zeppelin enjoys mashing up different styles of music to create something new. Let's take as an example the song "D'yer Mak'er". Clearly Zep was reinterpretting two different musical styles in that song: Reggae and 50's Doo Wop Pop Rock. They were "sampling" styles that weren't their own creation. (LZ along with others invented hard rock and heavy metal.) Purists of reggae could have easily critized LZ for playing reggae "wrong". I'm sure some people did complain that they were trying to be trendy (Bob Marley was just breaking out at that time.) But, the song ends up being a totally unique thing, even if its inspiration was derivative. "Hot Dog" is another example of LZ taking someone else's genre (Rockabilly) and having fun with it. Same with "The Crunge", they take James Brown and go to town.

Anyhow, love it or hate it, it is just art.


Happy_Kyne (aka mojochronic)

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Surley, I jest when I say Blasphemy. And all art is not accepted by the masses. However this sounds to much like Muzak to me. I listen to enough krappy christmas music that was poorly arranged and mass produced. I don't need to listen to anything by Zeppelin that fits into this category. Just because it takes talent to compose it, it does not make it enjoyable.

Try listening to the Los straitjackets for some quality holiday cheer.


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