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Led Zep 1973 soundboard compilation


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My original thought for the '75 compilation was-

for '73 we have TSRTS

for '72 we have HTWWW

for '71 we have BBC Sessions

for '70 we have RAH video

for '69 we have BBC & DVD

So '75 needed a 'roundup'. Not many board tapes for '77. I could see doing a 1980 tour compilation.

However - if you want to do a non-TSRTS version, that's cool too. My first thoughts are MMH/SIBLY from Mobile, Alabama...

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Thanks for the ideas, I need some more suggestions for versions of all the songs they did on the 73' tour.

Yea, I like The Song Remains The Same soundtrack I just think there are better versions of songs played that year.

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For some reason 1973 is the least played boots I listen too. I listen to The Song Remains The Same all the time, but the rest of the shows, I don't know, I never play much outside of the Southampton show. Any suggestions on what 73 tour shows to listen too to pick songs?

The 1980 tour is a great idea as well.

Great idea folks!

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Can't really give much advice on specific songs. But here are some '73 shows to seek out, that are good performances and available in soundboard form:

I. Complete or mostly complete

(* = particularly good performance)

01-07 Oxford*

01-15 Stoke*

01-22 Southampton (obviously; multitrack mixdown)*

05-13 Mobile, AL*

05-14 New Orleans

05-28 San Diego

05-31 L.A./Inglewood*

07-17 Seattle

II. 20-60 min. worth of soundboard

(typically Whole Lotta Love & Heartbreaker, plus sometimes Dazed, Stairway, and/or another encore or two)

(* = particularly good performance)

03-16 Vienna*

03-19, 21, and 22 Berlin,* Hamburg,* and Essen*

05-16 Houston

06-02 San Francisco*

07-13 Detroit*

There are others, e.g. 05-18 & 19 Texas, 03-15 Buffalo, 01-14 Liverpool - but IMHO they're not the best performances, and/or the sound quality isn't great. Some are really unbalanced (Page's guitar buried), and some are really dull and muffled despite being soundboards.

Finally, it's worth noting that 03-24 Offenburg and 06-03 L.A./Inglewood are noted as superb performances despite being available only in AUD form. Ditto for the portions of the other March '73 European shows that are available only in AUD form.

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I don't have much from the 73 tour other than the TSRTS soundtrack & the Southampton gig, but I LOVE the live version of Celebration Day, actually the whole 3 song opening suite.... It's loud, & moving (its like a freakin freight train!) every time I listen to it, it puts me right in the first few rows of the garden!

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