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Too many reasons for loving Jimmy Page?

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  • Likes William Blake and the Rosettis

:thumbsup::thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Along those lines, I love Jimmy's enthusiasm and admiration for other artists' work. I've been introduced to many new favorites through him - the man has fantastic taste! His excitement is infectious. Example A:

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I loved that movie. I agree, his excitement and enthusiasm is definitely infectious! [addendum: just noticed there's Link Wray thread on this site]

btw how are you L&S? I hope the surgery went well...

I thought of another item for this list: Doesn't smash his guitars.

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His constant comparisons of guitars to the sexual aspects of a woman. Even now.

YES, all of those. I watched "It Might Get Loud" last night and he did it again, references to women and their bodies while playing his guitar. Does he know what this does to us..and he's so mysterious and sensual about it. Gawd this man makes me weak, everything you posted. He's this genius shy guy but bad ass too, which one is he...he literally is so damn sexy.

and yes, his hair, his lovely hands; the way he holds, strums his guitar, the way he prances and dances around stage, thrusting against his guitar, moving his hips when he's jammin', the way he throws he head back, eyes closed while playin' 'rain song', all frickin soaking wet, sweat dripping from his 'just enough' hairy chest. Good grief, I must stop now...ha! :)

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