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Howe Gelb + John Paul Jones, 31/05/12


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During a recent gig at The Village Underground, Howe Gelb played songs off his new album "Tucson". He was joined on stage by K.T. Tunstall and John Paul Jones. There´s a review of the event on the Italian website of Rolling Stone, written by Chiara Meattelli.

"Magia e caos: Howe Gelb & John Paul Jones"


(In Italian).


photograph: Chiara Meattelli: http://www.rollingst...aul-jones/49472

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Ok, this is a short translation of the article from Rolling Stone:

< What are you going to play with John Paul Jones tonight? "I don't know really..." said me Howe Gelb, the man behind Giant Sand, a few hours before the show. You never know where a gig is going to end up with him. Generally, he calls his friends musician who're sitting among the spectators by surprise. This time, at least, he informed the bassist of Led Zeppelin a few days before. "All in all music is just meeting and evolving, otherwise you're just imitating something or someone, be it even yourself". At the Village Underground Howe Gelb starts by himself with the guitar, playing a few songs from the opera Tucson by Giant Giant Sand. It's one of the best albums of 2012 (the second 'Giant' isn't a typing mistake but shows that the band widened with other members of Tucson Sound). Yet by the first notes of Wind Blew Waltz, he enjoys making things more complicated (there were also moments where, although some accidents happened, he's still able to laugh and making chaos on stage).

During the second half of the concert he calls John Paul Jones, armed with mandolin and lap steel. Gelb chooses from his infinite repertoire and he twists every song with the guitar. Jones looks at him, he follows him, sometimes he seems confused but when he plays perfectly a number of notes filling the empty bits of Gelb's melodies, there are moments of glory. Everything becomes excellent thanks to Gelb's voice, intense and terribly fascinating.>

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