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Modern Marvels on History channel a great show


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I was watching the modern marvels the other day on the History channel. They included a special on perhaps the greatest technological construction feat of all time, the building of the Alaskan pipeline. If you ever get to see it I highly recommend it. Absolutley incredible what they did. i will never know how the hell they pulled it off when you see the challenges. The weather and the terrain just to name a couple. Building it above ground and high enough not to interfere with the annual migration of caribeau and crossing the Yukon river were simply incredible feats. So I did search for a thread on science and technology with no success. I could have sworn there was one once? Anyway, if anyone has anything else to share on here, I thought it would be a good thread idea.

So back to the pipeline. It was supposed to have a life of about 25 years and its over 30 now. Needless to say much work will be needed and I am sure is a constant process just like the upkeep of such bridges as the Golden Gate. Many fascinating shows on there.

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