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Led Zeppelin/Jimmy Page signed guitar prices?

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Hi guys,

Im New to this forum, so sorry of a topic like this has already been made or something, but I was just wondering if any of you know how much an

A). Guitar signed my ALL members of LZ (meaning including Bonzo)

B). Guitar signed by surviving members of LZ (I don't care if Jason Bonham has signed it or not)

C). Guitar just signed by Jimmy Page

D). Guitar played & signed by Jimmy Page

So yeah, I'm looking into potentially purchasing one of those items, Im well aware of their potential price tags, and how difficult it could be to find one, but I was just wondering if anyone has bought, read about, or is just aware of how much those would cost.

Thanks a Lot!


P.S. Please excuse any typos, I'm writing this on an iPhone :P

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As any collectible goes price will vary as they are only worth what someone is willing to pay. I would think your looking at least a grand for a Page autograph guitar, probably more, all the way to the sky for a guitar autographed by the 4 original members. Price is one thing, but authenticity is the issue here. There are far more fakes and forgeries than authentic autographs; not just with Zeppelin items, but the autograph market as a whole. Be very careful and have others look it over before purchasing. You could even place a pic on this fourm and you'll get some good feedback from those who have much knowledge in Zeppelin autographs. Ask the seller for details, including where he / she got the item, where was it signed, year, etc. You need proof and unless you were there in person obtaining an autograph its a risk. Just be careful and do your homework. Best wishes in your quest. I hope you find a good one!

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There are so many fakes being offered for sale it's sickening. Going from memory I can only recall ever seeing one guitar authentically signed by all four members of Led Zeppelin in the 70s. It was an acoustic and it was not for sale. There was an electric guitar Jimmy & JPJ had both signed for charity in 2009. The asking price was $11,500. Gibson offered a limited edition signed Page signature series guitar a few years back. I've seen those offered for $50,000-$60,000. Run of the mill guitars signed individually by Page, Plant or JPJ seem to command $2,000-$5,000 depending on the guitar. I'd prefer signatures on the wood itself as opposed to just the pick guard because nine times out of ten it was the pick guard alone presented to them to sign, usually by a professional autograph hunter.

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