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Stairway To Heaven single Atlantic 45-3217-1

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Hello everyone,

I have bid on a Stairway To Heaven 45 rpm single. The seller says the catalog # is Atlantic 45-3217-1.

I can't find any info on this particular version anywhere. Is this real? Here's a rather blurry picture of the single:


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So i got the single in the mail today!

The matrix numbers are:

Side A: 3217-1

Side B: 3217-2

Here's some pictures. What do you think, real or pirate (probably the latter I guess)? I must add that it

sounds great!




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I would guess pirate, because I think Atlantic knows enough not to put a 1969 copyright date on the Stairway side.Even so, it is very interesting and you would be able to resell it for the price you paid.

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The only official 'Stairway to Heaven single was the Australian EP.

You are not right. As to commercial editions, there were Phillipines 45-3747. I have two label variation of this.

There were at least 3 Thailand singles (but they really can be pirates)

And there were 2 USA promos and Japan one

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