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Marquee, March 23, 1971 photo


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...Thank you for posting photos...STH it has to be, the doubleneck required "such intervention", as Jimmy puts it in his official autobio...

the" colors and textures" of these photos so authentic...in a class by itself...

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Excellent shots. Thanks for posting. If I'm not mistaken, it looks like Roy Harper was watching the show from the side of the stage (check out the second and third pictures posted above).

...indeed, appears to be Roy Harper, but also Queen may have also attended this performance....according to Offiical Timeline herein..


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God! What must have they SOUNDED like in that tiny room?!? :o

Thanks Mr. Norman for at last sharing these priceless pics with the world. It looks like you had a ptime spot, too. Sam, have you asked Mr. Norman his impressions of the gig?

A lot of these photos look to be from "Dazed and Confused"...this one for instance:


I'd bet my bottom dollar that this photo is from D & C.

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